What is Bio-Planting?

We call it “plant-based Bio-planting (BP)”, which is the use of CrobeCore™ technology to quickly achieve a cycle similar to the natural cycle that has been unbalanced by climatic factors such as drought or human-induced factors (agriculture, urban development, etc.).The 20 beneficial microorganisms in CrobeCore™ form a biofilm that completely envelops the rhizosphere, stabilizing soil temperature and providing plants with an adequate supply of nutrients and water, thereby quickly reestablishing a rich soil ecosystem.In addition, 100% of plant residues are decomposed in a short period of time using a group of useful microorganisms and returned to the soil, thereby reducing plant cultivation waste to zero. This creates a recycling-oriented soil that can be used for continuous cropping.Furthermore, TechRev has introduced ICT technology to BP and is working on the visualization of microbial activity (real-time sensing/monitoring of plant growth environment) using AI.

What is biostimulant? 

A product or substance that contains plant growth promoters (growth stimulants), mycorrhizal fungi (mycorrhizal bacteria), probiotics (useful microorganisms), etc. to promote plant growth and development. They can stimulate processes such as root development, photosynthesis, and nutrient absorption to improve plant growth, stress tolerance, and resistance to pests and diseases, thereby increasing yields.

Through the spread of Bio-Planting,

(1) The soil environment will become more resilient to environmental changes caused by global warming.

(2) A soil environment with high disease resistance suitable for pesticide-free and organic cultivation

(3) Added value of crops (nutritional value and functional ingredients) will be increased.

(4) Visualization of microbial activity by ICT technology will enable cultivation methods that do not rely on growers’ intuition or tricks.